Social media and email can form a formidable joint force in your marketing campaign. Since you do not own social media websites, linking your mail list with social media followers ensures a reliable backup should you lose your followers in some social media crash. Thus, it makes perfect sense for you as a marketer to come up with practical social media and mail integration strategies.


The use of mail opt-in prompts on your social media pages is effective in this regard. You can put the prompts on a Facebook tab, on Twitter, or at the end of a slide on SlideShare. Strategic areas in which to put the prompts include calls to action or lead generation cards. The point is to build a mail list based on customers, subscribers, or followers you already have on your social media channels.


Blogs are considered forms of social media. You can, thus, expand your mail list by adding visitors to your blog. Include a lot of prompts to join your mail list within your blog content. For best results, use a standard mail service provider.


Encourage Sharing

You can also enhance exposure by encouraging your mail subscribers to share your emails. When you send an email to your existing subscribers, add social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Since not all readers of your mail may understand what you need them to do with icons, do not hesitate to make the prompts more explicit, such as “Share this Email.”


It sometimes pays to set up a dedicated campaign to boost email and social media integration. This includes sending mails meant to boost connections to specific media platforms such as Facebook. Current members of your mail list can play a critical role in this expansion.


Integrate Teams

You will have good results if you integrate your social media and email marketing teams. A joint team guarantees seamless coordination of processes, analysis of metrics, and evaluation of performance. With the two teams in sync, your strategies are guaranteed to work.


Have you considered providing an incentive to your subscribers to share, connect, link, or join? You should try it because it provides your subscribers with the motivation to spread the word. Incentives could be anything from discounts to savings.


In Conclusion

To stay ahead of the competition, you should consider integrating email and social media. Rather than running the two marketing campaigns independent of each other, reaching out to your customers from a common front ensures streamlined efficiency and sustainable expansion.