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The Ultimate Guide For That Last-Minute Autumn Marketing Campaign

The Ultimate Guide For That Last-Minute Autumn Marketing Campaign You need an Autumn Marketing Campaign. If you own a business, you know that this is a must for everyone. A campaign is necessary every time there is a turn of the season. But when the fall season comes around, the need for it is [...]

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3 Tips For Mobile Friendly Emails For Your Business

  It is a little-known fact that more than 60% of all emails opened occur on a mobile device. Because of the smaller space in which to display your content, you may be in jeopardy of losing important information if it is not properly transferred.   Here are some tips to make sure your emails [...]

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How to Craft the Perfect Email Subject Line

Most of us have been in this unenviable scenario: you are composing an e-mail and find yourself staring blankly at the blinking cursor on the subject field, thinking, "What the heck is my subject?"   This situation can be especially problematic if you are a business owner trying to get the word out about your [...]

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Integrating Email and Social Media

Social media and email can form a formidable joint force in your marketing campaign. Since you do not own social media websites, linking your mail list with social media followers ensures a reliable backup should you lose your followers in some social media crash. Thus, it makes perfect sense for you as a marketer to [...]

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Have You Tried Using Social Media for Your Business but Have Been Unsuccessful?

Many businesses try to increase their visibility online and create a Facebook page or an Instagram account. The thing with social media marketing, like most other marketing efforts, is that a ‘set it and forget it’ approach doesn’t work. It could be why so many businesses are on Facebook or Instagram, but it seems that [...]

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An Introduction to Video Marketing

An Introduction to Video Marketing Smart businesses are bidding farewell to traditional marketing and advertising. Just a few short years ago, marketing experts used their budgets on printing flyers, placing ads in the print media, and purchasing billboard space; they now spend the same budgets on web banners, PPC campaigns, and keyword-based search engine optimization [...]

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