An Introduction to Video Marketing

Smart businesses are bidding farewell to traditional marketing and advertising. Just a few short years ago, marketing experts used their budgets on printing flyers, placing ads in the print media, and purchasing billboard space; they now spend the same budgets on web banners, PPC campaigns, and keyword-based search engine optimization of their content.

Video marketing is rapidly overtaking the world of creative content marketing across the globe. On an average, YouTube alone receives over 4 billion views DAILY.

Videos make it feasible to communicate substantial sums of information in a short duration of time. A mere 30-second video can deliver considerable emotional impact and information through simple images depicted in a rolling shot. This short spanned audio and visual impact has the potential to reach out and connect with the viewers, making videos an effective tool for marketing.

Statistics as of December 2015 show that almost 790 billion minutes were spent online using various digital platforms by the people in the US alone, with almost 213 million videos watched during this time. These figures would prove promising for anyone who considers taking up video marketing to promote their business.

However, the possible extent of viewership is not the only thing working in favor of marketing videos. This marketing technique comes with several benefits attached to it.

If utilized to its full potential, video marketing can prove to be a tool far more effective than other forms of conventional print, and media advertising.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

While the most successfully renowned names have taken to the internet to market their content through effective videos, many small business owners are reluctant to adopt the relatively newer business marketing strategy of video marketing.

If you too are unsure about the power of local video marketing as an effective tool for promoting your business, here are 10 reasons that may solidify your decision to jump onboard:

1. It Provides Greater Outreach

The whole purpose of advertising is reaching out to your target market. With millions of internet users actively watching online videos every day, video marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach out to them with products and services they might be interested in. Moreover, videos can be easily shared, and reposted; each time giving access to a wider base of potential customers.

The most common problem that most businesses encounter when devising marketing strategies is, how to engage with the younger generation. It is almost impossible to grab their attention using conventional marketing techniques. However, posting videos online, is a different story altogether. Studies show that MOST teenagers and millennials are actively watching videos on YouTube, the most popular platform for viewing online videos.

2.  It Actually Sells

Many internet users admit that they take videos into consideration when researching or deciding to buy a product or service. This could explain why many marketers experience a significant jump in conversions wherever videos are added.  This could be a website, sales page, social media, email, and other online properties.

Videos with an effective call to action and a highly-targeted audience can build credibility, establish relationships, and open up doors that will send a lot more business your way. In other words, they simply help sell your product or services better WITHOUT hard-selling.

3.  It Is Cost Effective

Thanks to online videos, companies of all sizes and industries can have an effective marketing campaign for far less than what they would spend on traditional methods.

This does not imply that video marketing campaigns are particularly cheap; but given the longevity and exposure that they receive over time, the per-unit costs can come down substantially. The main factor to consider in this case is to make sure the videos you make are not limited to a specific time, or occasion.